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working with Charlie:

    “Charlie is a creator. There is no dead space when you work with Charlie. He is never content with simple enactment of the script. He goes beyond the words, expanding them, making them alive. In his incessant quest for business and authenticity, he makes me want things that I never knew were in my script.”

        -Ryan Steven Green, director

    “Charlie Pecoraro is the kind of actor you love to have on set.  Patient when he's waiting to be on camera and money when the camera's on him.  He takes direction well and when given the chance to improvise he always gives me something worth keeping on the screen.  I don't hire Charlie to do what any actor ‘could’ do, I hire Charlie because I don't know another actor who can do what he does.

I've known and worked with Charlie on various projects since 2003 and I can say, no bull-shit, I will make a spot for him in any project I work on in the future.  He's patient, hard working, and brings balance to the set.  He's no ego, comes prepared, on time, and ready to work.  He's a straight-man, character actor and can improv in any situation.  He's worth every penny and more.”

         -Cory Reeder, director

    “Charlie’s playfulness and charm create a magnetic pull that can warm the coldest audience. I would take to stage with Charlie any time. One of the biggest things in Improv is trust, and you can trust Charlie. You know that when you go onstage with Charlie, he has your back. He commits, listens, and brings to light characters with bravery, intelligence, and uncanny charm.

Charlie has the originality and wit that people love to watch, and secretly wish to have themselves. His listening ability and bravery in a scene mirrors that of the best improvisers I have yet seen.”

        -Sean Hancock, improviser & teacher

    “His ability to ad-lib, ask important questions, and fully understand the character made directing him a breeze.  Easy going, and totally professional, I cannot wait to work with him again.

        -Noel Shankel, director

    “Charlie is an exceptional actor who brings wit, style, and naturalism to a film. He knows how to get into a roll, assume a stranger’s identity, and make it feel so natural that it’s easy to assume that he’s always been that way. He can adapt to change at the drop of a hat and really bring the best out of a script.

        -Rick Curnutt, director

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